Teach Info

What is Teach Info ?

For my degree I had to do an internship, I picked to do mine at a grade school.
One of the main reasons was that it would be a different work environment then in a company.
And it was.
More than a year after my internship ended, I am still deeply involved with the IT at the school, the current IT director asks me for advice, opinions etc. From December 2017 till March 2018 I was even on the payroll.

During my internship at the school I noticed that in the teachers room they had an nice TV hanging on the wall with a desktop hooked up to it, yet the only time when it was on was during an sports event or anything of that like.
In the meantime, the principal of the school still wrote notices on a whiteboard. So I told him what I did in my spare time –make sites-
After a week or so he come to me with a request to make “something” for the TV. And he told me his ideas.
During downtime at the school I would work on the site

It’s a very simple site, using a bootstrap template I managed to get most of the elements that the were requested in it, having the site server formed a challenge with certain RSS functions so they were replaced with a simple text scrolling bar.
Till this day that “simple” site is being used an praised by teachers and employees alike.
The site is currently running in three different schools under the Lucas Onderwijs parent company.