About this site

So what is is an online portfolio that I created to show my skills as a web designer.
It is not as good or flashy as some web design sites but I take pride in the fact that all I have learned about web design is without any course or study.
My (limited) knowledge has developed by creating and designing sites, and trying again, and again, and again till I got what I had envisioned.

So what is web design to you? What made you start?

First and foremost, web design is a hobby of mine.
I do it to get lost in lines and lines of code and end up with something that looks nice and function. Embracing that Creativity and Design.
More than once people have a great idea or great content and all they do is link it through “standard” social media outlets.
I am a firm believer of if you have a good idea, wrap it in a since package, show who you are.
Now to be fair I’m guilty of it too, I post my drawings on DevianArt. Which is pure laziness on my part.