What is French Legion?

The French legion is -you guessed it- a French overclock team.
It consists of 18 members at the time of writing, the team has been growing since its conception.
Ranking as THE best French overclock team to date, the group is always improving and trying to climb their way up the worldwide leaderboards.
Currently ranking 2nd in the oc-esport season of 2017 around the world the team has a bright and successful future ahead of them.

Aside from some talented over clockers the team has some big name partners providing them with the hardware that they need to get the ratings that they are aiming for.
None other than Corsair, AMD, Seasonic and Rockit Cool are backing these fine fresh guys with some grade A hardware.

One of the team’s creators and captains, whom coincidently is a good friend of mine, requested the site. All the wishes of the client were met.
The deadline was set at the end of December of 2017. The site went up two months prior.

“The website is just like i wanted, even better than expected :)” - A. Gonzalez


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