What is FFTCGC* ?

*Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Collection

In my youth Pokémon cards were a fad everyone had them. They were collected, traded, fought over etc.
As I got older I realized that there was a whole game behind it, and that the text on the cards actually had some thought behind them, still the art was pretty.

Fast-forward about 15 years and I found out about a similar type of card game for one of my favorite video game series, Final Fantasy.
Within the span of 6 months we had collected quite the collection of cards.
However there was not a site that met our needs of collection and showing the cards that we have and are missing from our collection.
So I made our own.

What started out a simple single page site turned into a database of sorts of all the card in the series and a way to sort them by their individual values.
Quickly enough other functions were tought off. Like a button per card that would link to their page on a card market site.
And then the idea popped up that this would be useful for not just us but more people.
So I registered the NL domain.

At the moment the site is still a bit incomplete, a lot of the card are missing their links to the card market.
At the end of march a new series of cards in going to be released, and then I’m planning on making the site a more complete database for people.


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