Crimson Allies

What is Crimson Allies?

In 2015 I started playing Final Fantasy XIV, the reason for this I will remember forever.
I started playing the game because two of my classmates we’re going to get married in the game. And that was an event I had to go through at least once in my life, a digital wedding.

Not a big fan of the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game genre back then I figured that my interest in the game would fade after a week or two.
But I was wrong
Now we’re in 2018 and I have played the game for about 2000 hours.
Met my current girlfriend for two years through the game, got to know a lot of people that I call friend now a days. And managed to get more people into it

Enough about the game, what is this site about?

At one point we wanted our own group in the game, there are a lot of groups that ask you to join and then have a link to their facebook page or a generic “guild” website page. I wanted to do something else.
I wanted us to have a site that shows who we are, how we are and what we’re looking for in one single page. So I made it.

Out of all my sites this one has seen the most changes over the two years it’s been up, hell there has been a whole rebranding of sorts after a long absence of the game.
However it has had it uses in the past, at one point we had a lot of members in the group and almost all of them joined via the site.

This is the third version of the site, and it's a lot more condensed to what there was before.
A lot of elements that were there before were either changed or omitted.
At the moment it's a very simple single page site however there is room for expansion and new elements.


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